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Create unforgettable memories along with incredible prizes.

All bookings include delivery, set-up, drop off and an assistant for the duration of your event. Your event is to be as hassle-free as possible.

Time Attack

Time Attack is a fun reaction game, where 2 players compete against each other. The fastest and most accurate player wins base on the scores accumulated in 1 round.

Time Attack

Person with the highest score in 30 seconds wins.

Great for friendly competitions and family fun for all ages.

$250 per unit rental / Day

Up to 4 units available.

Hours of fun guaranteed for all ages, get ready!

How to Play:

Insert a coin and press the start button to launch the game

Follow the music and hit the buttons which are lighting on with your hands

Highest score wins the game


Colorful LED Lighting

Cheerful music

Up and coming new style of arcade

Dimensions : L120 x W75 x H70 cm


The Daisy Cork Rifle is the classic pump cork . Since 1914, Daisy has been making the Model 25 gun. Classically styled rifle measures 38 in. long and weighs just 3 pounds. This Daisy Model 25 has a maximum shooting distance of 10′ to 15′. The Daisy Cork Rifle features a smooth bore steel barrel and a stained solid wood stock. Converted to shoot single corks. Use the rear sight to adjust for windage or elevation, or flip up for a peep sight. Shooting galleries are one of the most popular activities at any carnival. Kids will love playing with this pump action carnival cork gun at the carnival. Test your shooting skills with this all time classic carnival cork gun

Uses # 3 Corks

Of all of the old Daisy BB guns Daisy has had requests to bring back, the Model 25 would have to be at the top of that list. The Model 25 Pump Gun had been in Daisy’s product line from 1914 until 1978. In 1986 it was made only as a centennial commemorative edition. In 2007, Daisy brought this classic air gun back into production.

The Model 25 features a stained solid wood pistol grip stock and foregrip, steel construction and a removable screw-in shot tube. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation and it can be flipped from open/iron sights to peep sights. The gun loads via a screw-out shot tube – just like the classic models. In fact the new shot tube fits most of the vintage models. The Daisy Model 25 is recommended for ages 10 and older with adult supervision
(Contact us for inquiry to have us at your event!

Bowler Roller

The Bowler Roller game is a classic bowling game. Players lightly roll the bowling ball to stop in the dip and hope it does not come back! Not too hard and not too light. Keep on going until you learn to get the right touch. Soft enough that it makes it over the hump and not too hard or the ball will return. Great game and challenge for school events!

Multiple Units Available for purchase or rental as single unit:

Single Unit Information:

Dimension: 12″wide x 18″ height x 85″ length.

Power required: No Power

Age suitability: All Ages

Are you hosting a multi-day event with high volume traffic? We have a 12 Unit Trailer unit available (Contact us for inquiry to have us at your event!

Dimension: 28' Wide x 8' Length

Power required: 30 Amps

Age suitability: All Ages

Balloon pop

A balloon burst game that is safe for all ages! Each player throws darts at the balloon attempting to pop it.


Classic Ring Toss game, throw a ring on to the bottle and win a prize!


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